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Elegant Vintage Boudoir Photography
By London based photographer Nick G

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect.”
~ unknown

That word called “Boudoir”
what is it really?

In truth boudoir photography really is just simply about the celebration of you!

– Boudoir is for ALL and EVERY type of women.
– It’s an investment in yourself!
– Remind yourself how sexy you are! no matter your age
– You can be you, be daring, be bold, be sensual
Celebrate you, your beauty, your grace, your scars, your perfect-not-so-perfectness, your essence!

So whats Vintage boudoir?

Vintage Boudoir is simply boudoir with a classic and vintage aesthetic to it.
Soft, dreamy, romantic! That is how I would describe this style of boudoir photography. It is able to transport you back in time, to an era full of class, dreams, and romance!

Be You!

There really is so much joy to be found when showing someone, how truly beautiful they are and beyond that how the world see’s them. We are just far too hard on ourselves, and we often forget that part!

Be Classic

Timeless yet modern at the same time, is how I would describe the classic portraiture look. It has a vintage feel to it, mixed in with a modern day vibe and it translates in an incredible way when printed!

The style can be shot as conservative as you want or it can be shot with a mix of sensual and sexy in the styling, or even mix it with both, it is completely up to you!

Be Daring

Soft, dreamy, romantic! That is how I would describe this style of boudoir photography. It is able to transport you back in time, to an era full of class, dreams, and romance!

I love shooting with a vintage feeling to my imagery. It has a powerful way to create images that are the best version of you, completely relaxed, almost as if it was a lazy Sunday afternoon which capture the essence of your beauty in a timeless, graceful keepsake that will last for years to come.

Be Fearless!

“Love yourself first, because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.”


When I first heard about doing a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for your partner, I loved the idea. It would be an intimate and unique gift that required your thought, involvement and time.
It sounded like a fantastic birthday gift for my boyfriend especially since we had recently reunited and were in that honeymoon phase of reaffirming our love for each other. But my concern back then hadn’t changed and a couple of months later when my boyfriend’s birthday was starting to get closer. which photographer to use? I needed to find someone I was comfortable with and that I felt was professional. Luckily I discovered Nicholas!
From the beginning of the project until completion, he helped me have an enjoyable and memorable experience – oh, and I got to give a great gift to my baby!
The relaxed and professional nature of Nick put me at ease straight away with the fact that I had made the right choice!. Nick was very helpful on the day of the shoot, where he saw I needed help, he gave it. However, he also allowed me the freedom to express myself and what I felt my partner would appreciate. My boyfriend loves the book and feels very honoured to have something made especially for his eyes and enjoyment. Although, be warned, he now refers to it as the menu and has been making ‘requests’ every now and then! From a personal point of view, the shoot definitely boosted my self-esteem. I am certainly not a 10 out of 10 kind of girl but my photos look amazing and sexy as hell! I would recommend doing this. it does not have to be a gift for someone else but rather a gift for yourself. Enjoy your beauty – and why not document it for future reference on those days when you’re just not feeling very shiny?
~ Janique

I booked a soft vintage style shoot with Nick, of which I had an amazing shoot. He was professional in his approach in working with me, and had put a lot of time and thought into achieving the perfect shots. This was the first time we’d worked together and I was thrilled with the session and the following edited photos. We spent a few hours working in his home studio which had been beautifully set up and lots of options for outfits had been arranged. He made sure I felt safe and comfortable at all times, always asking me if I needed anything or if I wanted to stop or take a break. We achieved some great shots that I’m proud of and extremely happy with ~ Chloe

Working with nick was lovely! He was very professional and kind and very helpful with position changes and ideas, which was great for me. I felt completely at ease and would recommend him to anyone! ” ~ Phoebe

The Common Questions

I’m nervous, is it as nerve wrecking as I imagine?

Nope, not at all. We all get a little anxious about things we have never tried before (I moved countries and used to get pretty anxious using the self service checkouts), the experience is similar to that and the build up of nerves far exceed’s what is actually experienced in the photo shoot. All too often  10 minutes into the beginning of the shoot, I will have the client turn to me and ask “Nick, is this it? Did I work myself up for weeks and get nervous for nothing?”. Nerves are great, they mean you are doing something that’s exciting and exhilarating. Once you realise it is actually fun, you relax and suddenly become at ease. It helps you enjoy it even more.

Where will my session take place?

I have a purpose built home studio space that I use to create these unique looks around the vintage style. There are multiple backdrops, a variety of props and accessories and I have a decent sized collection of vintage clothing in various sizes that can be paired up with your clothing to create the perfect look. Hair and makeup also takes place right there at the location.  

Also, I am happy to travel to you for a shoot

Help, I have no idea on how to pose?

I have got you covered there! On the day I will help you and guide you will all the posing, so there’s really nothing to worry about. 

My body is not gym fit! Can I still shoot?

Yes!! So many people put off shooting to get the perfect body, yet they are perfect! The experience shows you that, plus it is my job to know all the fantastic poses and angles that will compliment and show off just how stunning you are!

Be Brave

My full name is actually Nicholas, however Nick has stuck over time and has now become the standard!
Simply put I am not the best at writing about myself. I’m actually an introvert (shoot with me and you would never have imagined it!) yet once I pick up a camera I become a totally different person, posing, directing, and saying the same words over and over yep I am frankly not one of those silent-type photographers!

So perhaps a little information cannot hurt, I was born in Africa but now live in London, United Kingdom. I’ve been doing the photography thing for over 10 years now and love working and shooting with women, hence why I shoot boudoir. I love seeing how confident a person can become during a photo shoot, and beyond that love seeing the reaction when a client holds their amazing prints!

Love computers, coffee, landscapes and being different…

Nick G

Email : [email protected]
Instagram : @vintage_boudoir_nickg
Telephone : 075 22 841 342
London, United Kingdom


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“You’re a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you.”