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Frequently asked Questions

I’m nervous, is it as nerve wrecking as I imagine?

Nope, not at all. We all get a little anxious about things we have never tried before (I moved countries and used to get pretty anxious using the self service checkouts), the experience is similar to that and the build up of nerves far exceed’s what is actually experienced in the photo shoot. All too often  10 minutes into the beginning of the shoot, I will have the client turn to me and ask “Nick, is this it? Did I work myself up for weeks and get nervous for nothing?”. Nerves are great, they mean you are doing something that’s exciting and exhilarating. Once you realise it is actually fun, you relax and suddenly become at ease. It helps you enjoy it even more.

Being photographed nearly nude or in a sensual manner makes me uncomfortable, but I still would love to have a photo shoot with you. Is that a possibility?

Of course! There is no requirement to shoot nude, or nearly nude and in fact if lingerie is outside your comfort area we can easily tailor the shoot to work with normal clothing. Essentially we can shoot in any level of dress or undress, what ever makes you comfortable!

How far in advance should I book my session?

This does depend, but I would recommend to book around 2 to 3 months prior to needing the final finished product. Quality takes time, my suggestion is get in contact as soon as you can!

What is your policy on privacy and who will see my photos?

This is an important area to me and so the only person who see’s your images is YOU!
Nothing is posted online or used in any marketing material unless you have given me EXPRESS permission to do so.

Can I have someone with me at my session?

You are welcome to bring someone with. Please let them know they are there for moral support but should not get in the way of the shoot such as changing your posing, fixing your hair etc. I generally ask partners/significant others to hang out downstairs in the lounge area as over time I have found they can distract their partners when it comes down to shooting.

How much editing do you do?

I try limit the editing and prefer to create a more natural feel. I do a basic skin softening to make the skin look it is best, remove any blemishes and spots. I do try keep the “photoshop” work to a minimal amount. If there is anything specific that you need around editing we will discuss it during the pre-shoot consultation.

My body is not gym fit! Can I still shoot?

Heck Yes!! So many people put off shooting to get the perfect body, yet they are perfect! The experience shows you that, plus it is my job to know all the fantastic poses and angles that will compliment and show off just how stunning you are!

How revealing do they need to be?

That is completely and totally up to you, they can be as revealing as you want or not. I shoot and tailor the experience around your comfort levels and what you are looking for, whether it is jeans and a shirt or lacy underwear it is completely your call!

Do you offer other styles of Photography?

Yes I do, I just don’t advertise them. I love shooting location based work from portraits, boudoir to art nude, and all in various styles. So if you are looking for something specific do let me know (I have even shot a mermaid themed concept with a giant tail for a client). Everything is possible.

I don’t shoot weddings or event’s however, but can recommend a few fantastic photographers that do!

Will you use my images on your website/portfolio/blog?

Only with your express permission, I would love to show others your amazing images however I fully understand your privacy and so only do so with your permission.