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Frozen in Time

A portrait should last a lifetime, a print should last longer!

My why - Seeing the transformation occur, and having someone realise they are as beautiful as they think they are - is what motivates me!

I love showing people a side of themselves that they don't often experience for themselves (they know that side is there), the side that those that love them see daily yet they often forgot about. My photography is a way I can bring that out in someone, often having a long lasting impact and boosting their confidence and a way that is truly unique, I've seen it time and time again. Then further combining that with a true appreciation for printing images and how a tangible printed image will resonate more and elicit an emotional feeling like none other, making you realise, you are unique and special!

That is why I do this, You are Art!

The Change

The change, to me is an amazing aspect of shooting this style of photography, being apart of it and seeing it take place always brings a smile!

There's a large amount of confidence it takes to have your photograph taken, for some this step is a massive jump outside of their comfort zone and I am completely aware of that fact.  The change starts occurring before the photo shoot even takes place, in fact it starts even before you reach this website!

During the shoot, there is a further transformation that takes place. It comes from knowing you are being looked after and further to this, seeing the images being taken, being guided with posing and just feeling glamorous! It is a feeling that really cannot be beat. Confidence takes over.

The beauty of this being that the change stays long after the shoot, the knowledge you can do it. The liberating experience of feeling glamorous and stunning lives long beyond our interaction.

Finally, years later when you reminisce back to the shoot or perhaps even browse through the album and simply take a moment to admire yourself, what you have accomplished and who you are, can easily elevate your confidence!

I love printing my clients images - nothing beats the true feeling one can get from holding a quality print in their hands.

The Art of a Print
Holding a quality print is a timeless feeling and always beats a digital screen
  • 01.
    You can hold them
    • Pickup a beautiful photograph of you, feel it, absorb it and see the details that are all too often missed. Yes holding a print is a thing!
  • 02.
    You can display them
    • Centuries ago people would have large portraits painted and commissioned and displayed, creating a legacy for that person! Displaying beautiful images of yourself is allowed and should be done, for you today, for your legacy tomorrow! Even if the print is more private, they can fill a room, a mantle or an album in a way most things cannot.
  • 03.
    They are a keep sake
    • In years to come, you will look back at earlier images and remember moments and details from that period. A quality print should outlive you, but not your legacy
  • 04.
    You are ART!
    • In this day and age to many people forget that they are special, we are all unique and beautiful, having a reminder of that, to see everyday is a powerful thing!

There's two unique styles that shoot, take a look at them below. (yes, I can shoot others, just ask)

Classic Portraits

A classic timeless look that transfers fantastically to create beautiful art prints!
This style can be shot as a more classic portraiture feel or even be combined with a more sensual feel and is entirely up to you and your comfort levels.

Soft and Dreamy Vintage Boudoir

Go back in time, a stunning soft and dreamy vintage boudoir style that transports you back into an era full of beauty and class.
Shot in a sensual way to capture the essence of your beauty in a timeless, graceful keepsake that will last for years to come.