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I booked a soft vintage style shoot with Nick, of which I had an amazing shoot. He was professional in his approach in working with me, and had put a lot of time and thought into achieving the perfect shots. This was the first time we’d worked together and I was thrilled with the session and the following edited photos. We spent a few hours working in his home studio which had been beautifully set up and lots of options for outfits had been arranged. He made sure I felt safe and comfortable at all times, always asking me if I needed anything or if I wanted to stop or take a break. We achieved some great shots that I’m proud of and extremely happy with ~ Chloe

Working with nick was lovely! He was very professional and kind and very helpful with position changes and ideas, which was great for me. I felt completely at ease and would recommend him to anyone! ” ~ Phoebe

During the shoot he was friendly and professional, all was very relaxing ,fun and productive. He provided a selection of outfits himself so together with my collection we had a multitude to choose from. I have to say that he is so talented and full of creativity and we had a lot of awesome photos. I really hope to be able to work with Nick again, much recommended!P.S I fall in love with his cat Bella  ~ Adriana

What a talented creative and lovely guy! I shot with nick not that long ago and had the most amazing shoot. He was extremely professional and made me feel at home in his studio. He’s creative direction was outstanding and his artistic flare is second to none. Coms before, during and after have been fantastic and I can’t wait to shoot with nick again, highly recommend to shoot with this guy! ~ Tasha

‘I had the pleasure of working with Nick on a new adventure that I had chosen to experience for the first time. From start to finish, Nick walked me through his process and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire shoot. This was one of the most professional experiences I have had having my photographs taken, by Nick.

The images are superb and better than I would have ever imagined them to be, especially doing a shoot like this I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely do it again.
An exciting experience that changed the way I looked and felt about myself, and as a woman having been liberated by a simple photo captured in the moment that gives a higher sense of empowerment.

This is something I will forever look back on and not only treasure the amazing photos, the experience, the professionalism but the memory of the shoot.
The idea behind the lens in the mind of the photographer takes you by surprise you when looking at the images, for when looking at them you realize the true essence of who you are is captured in a single moment that will forever remind you how you kept yourself true to you ~ Tamsin

Being my 1st photo shoot of this nature, I felt maybe a little nervous but excited while putting together my different outfits and selecting which pieces of lingerie I liked best… But the day of my photo shoot… My Hair & make up all done, was just beautiful. The photo shoot was done at a great venue, organised by Nic. The photographer was awesome, felt 100% comfortable all the time, really professional. Nic gave me great poses and idea’s, it was the easiest thing ever and loads of fun. Its definetly a must ladies and something to look back on. I have the most stunning pictures…. Thank you ~ Laura

When I first heard about doing a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for your partner, I loved the idea. It would be an intimate and unique gift that required your thought, involvement and time.
It sounded like a fantastic birthday gift for my boyfriend especially since we had recently reunited and were in that honeymoon phase of reaffirming our love for each other. But my concern back then hadn’t changed and a couple of months later when my boyfriend’s birthday was starting to get closer. which photographer to use? I needed to find someone I was comfortable with and that I felt was professional. Luckily I discovered Nicholas!
From the beginning of the project until completion, he helped me have an enjoyable and memorable experience – oh, and I got to give a great gift to my baby!
The relaxed and professional nature of Nick put me at ease straight away with the fact that I had made the right choice!. Nick was very helpful on the day of the shoot, where he saw I needed help, he gave it. However, he also allowed me the freedom to express myself and what I felt my partner would appreciate. My boyfriend loves the book and feels very honoured to have something made especially for his eyes and enjoyment. Although, be warned, he now refers to it as the menu and has been making ‘requests’ every now and then! From a personal point of view, the shoot definitely boosted my self-esteem. I am certainly not a 10 out of 10 kind of girl but my photos look amazing and sexy as hell! I would recommend doing this. it does not have to be a gift for someone else but rather a gift for yourself. Enjoy your beauty – and why not document it for future reference on those days when you’re just not feeling very shiny?
~ Janique

I’d like to begin by Thanking Nicholas for his extreme professionalism as a photographer and for Laura for doing such a fantastic job on my make-up and really just making me look and feel amazing for my Boudoir photo-shoot experience. I did my Boudoir photo shoot with Nic, as my photographer, at the end of last year. And since then have done some reflecting about the whole experience and also after waiting patiently to see the final images.

I can say I truly was blown away and had to double check that it really was me in the photos. And it really was me, a true natural me full of confidence, glowing from ear to ear. My Reasons for doing the shoot were simple, it had been a tough year and I needed something that would boost my confidence and lift my spirits and make me feel like a woman again. And when the idea of a “Boudoir photo shoot” was presented to me, at first a little sceptical- I’m very conservative; I thought about it, did some Googling and research and thought what the heck lets go for it there is nothing to lose from trying something new!

The photo shoot itself was more than just a shoot. It was truly an uplifting and liberating experience. I must admit the first few minutes into it and I was very apprehensive – wondering what on earth I am doing here in my lingerie, but then Nic was so professional and made me be so comfortable that half an hour into my shoot we were laughing and just enjoying the day. By the end of the day I felt so relaxed, liberated and appreciating and valuing my curves, my body and I began feeling sexy and sensual again. Just like every woman needs a good hairdresser to make you feel beautiful or even a day at the spa to feel pampered. I believe doing a Boudoir shoot does all of that and more. It’s a bit more than addictive, it is like a getting a good dose of fresh Air and freedom to lift ones spirits to allow you to glow and feel confident in your own skin and be proud of who you are.

There is a saying, well I am quoting a good friend of mine, “If you look Good, You feel Good then you can go out and do Good.” I guess it puts in a nutshell what the Boudoir shoot did for me.
The fact that I looked naturally good-I felt it and then I could go out there and do good and believe in myself and so pass on a bit of my sparkle to those around me.And with that I just want to thank you again for a fantastic experience and will definitely be doing it again. Kindest Regards  ~ Amy

Before I did the Boudoir shoot I was very nervous because I’d never done anything like it before. As it is, I’m very uncomfortable in front of the camera and I’m usually a very self-conscious person. I decided to do this shoot for myself – something different, something fun, something to look back at one day when I’m old and wrinkly. At the beginning of the shoot I was so shy and so nervous that I didn’t even want to take my gown off! But 2 minutes into the shoot I was already loving it! Nick really made me feel so at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to really relax and just enjoy the shoot! I was scared that I wouldn’t know how to ‘pose’, and that I would end up looking like an idiot…but Nick gives great guidance throughout the shoot (and is open to any suggestions)that by the end, you ‘pose’ like a pro!

As professional as Nick is, his great nature and sense of humour makes the shoot such fun that by the end of the shoot he feels like a friend! The shoot was an absolute blast – I was sad when it was over, and promised myself that I’d be back for another one! I left that shoot feeling like a goddess! The shoot really boosted my self-confidence, especially after I saw the beautiful results of the shoot when I got the final images. I could hardly believe it was me! Nick really is a talented photographer who knows how to bring out the best of you in each and every shot. The photographs are beautifully shot – sensual and sexy but classy and natural at the same time! I will treasure these photos forever! I would really recommend this to any woman who wants to do something that will make her feel great about herself – which is all of us, isn’t it  ~Lara

I would like to thank you for an amazing experience and gift that you have given me. I have never felt so liberated, alive and beautiful than I did when doing this shoot.
Don’t get me wrong, I was terrified but after my hair and makeup was done and I looked beautiful all of that fear fizzled away and I was left with nothing but excitement for the shoot and what the finished product was going to be.I was talked through the whole process, told how beautiful I looked and every aspect of the shoot had been carefully thought out to ensure that the results would be amazing but also, that I would feel good during the experience. For anyone who is thinking of doing this, either for yourself or for a loved one, stop thinking and just do it.
This was a gift to my boyfriend but ended being one of the best gifts I could have given to myself. It is something that I feel every woman should experience at least once in her life (at least). Thank you again! ~ Cara