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Romantic & Timeless

Vintage Boudoir

Soft, dreamy, romantic! That is how I would describe this style of boudoir photography. It is able to transport you back in time, to an era full of class, dreams, and romance!

I love shooting with a vintage feeling to my imagery, it has a powerful way to create images that are the best version of you, completely relaxed, almost as if it was a lazy Sunday afternoon. The truth is, the photography session really is about celebrating you, and who you are as a women. The experience is an amazing confidence boost, a fantastic way to celebrate you! 

Hair and Makeup

One of the most important aspects of the photography session is hair and makeup, I bring in a professional hair and makeup artist who will put you at ease and at the same time bring out the natural beauty in you. They are also able to style your hair to fit the theme and concept chosen. In the end you will look and feel glamorous!

Styling and Outfit Selection

Clothing and Styling

The boudoir shoots take place in my home studio, which has an existing built set themed to create the vintage feel. There are a variety of different backgrounds and quite a few vintage props and accessories I have gone and thrift-ed for the experience. Beyond that, during our pre-shoot consultation we will go over outfit selection and you are more than welcome to bring any additional items you think will add to the theme. I also have a variety of vintage clothing items that can be paired and styled with the lingerie and clothing items you brought with. We discuss all this in person long before the shoot, so that on the day you can feel confident and not have to worry.

Once you arrive on the day, and before you start with makeup and hair we will spend some time and go through the outfits you brought along, we pair them up and create a flow for the shoot, picking outfits that will bring out and emphasize that natural beauty you have!

The Shoot

This may be your first time in front of the camera, and it can be a little scary, which is why I will help pose and guide you throughout the entire session (Yes, I may even demonstrate a pose or three), that means you can focus on just relaxing and enjoying the experience, and to be honest most of the time the inner-model in you comes out and before you know it you will be posing and creating images you never thought possible.

I try make the experience fun and enjoyable (clinical and sterile is boring), after all it is a creative expression and the idea is to capture the essence of you! So think relaxing music, a few lame jokes and loads of laughs while we move through the outfits and poses for the day.

Be Beautiful

The Results

After the shoot I then take the time and go and pick through and select around 40 to 60 of the best images which I then will do a basic soft retouch on, this fixes most color issues. From there they are placed into an online private gallery which only you can access, where you will select the final images to be edited and let me know which images you would like printed.

Those final images are then edited professionally, with a full retouch applied to them. Once the editing has completed, they are sent off to the quality printers we use, finally after a few weeks you will be able to hold and truly appreciate the entire experience, with a keep sake that will last a lifetime.

I offer a variety of shoot options and packages that should fit the majority of budgets, so do head on over by clicking the link below and see
what options are available (there’s no commitment required)